Dubai Real Estate 2012: A Golden Opportunity to Buy Your Property in Dubai

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Dubai Real Estate 2012: A Golden Opportunity to Buy Your Property in Dubai

Post  umerakmal on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:14 am

You might have read the reports about Dubai real estate highlighting kick-start to recovery in 2012, but I would say, this is merely a predication based on “the feel good factor” of the property stakeholders. I believe property prices in Dubai have not shown any remarkable recovery in 2011, which reports show. These are just the sellers and owners of the properties who want to derive the prices up through rumours. The fact is property prices in Dubai are still not touching the bottom level but yes, we can say they are near to touch the bottom.

It is expected that the mid-2012 would be the time for Dubai real estate when prices of the properties will touch the bottom level in real. However, despite that recovery cannot be expected even after mid-2012 due to the heavy supply of the residential units expected to add to the market in the year. Some experts are even not predicating much demand as they think people are still hesitant to invest in Dubai properties. In contrast to what the reports highlight, the year 2011 remained another challenging year for Dubai real estate.

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